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Affilate FAQ

Step 1 - Registering Affiliate

Clicking the link Affiliates in the footer or simply takes the page

Step 2 - Complete Payment Information

A registration form appears where the affiliate has to fill in all the information needed. This page is very similar to the one for registering regular customer with the only difference that there is another section called Payment Information.

In this section the affiliate has to fill in Tax ID [ PAN Number ] and the payment method that he/she prefers for the earned commission:

    Bank Transfer

Once the account is created, the affiliate will be able to track his/her transactions from the account and generate tracking codes for each product.

Step 3 - Setup your affiliate link

You can create a custom affiliate tracking code here
Tracking page in affiliate account has “tracking link generator" - you start typing product name into autocomplete field, and it shows you correct link to that product's page with tracking code.

Step 4 - Know your affiliate link

To make an affiliate link just add tracking=your_tracking_code to the URL

If the URL has ? in it already, you add it with &

Normal link :
Affiliate link :

If the URL does not have ? in it, you add it with ?,

e.g 1: Link to HOME page

Normal link :
Affiliate link :

e.g 2: Link to CATEGORY page

Normal link :
Affiliate link :

e.g 3: Link to a PRODUCT page

Normal link :
Affiliate link :

Step 5 : Share your affiliate link and earn

With this link, you can promote our product by putting it on a website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social media and start earning.
Your commission will be automatically added to the affiliate’s account each time a sale has been completed.

Commission fee and threshold limit

Commission fee is 5%. Your affiliate sales should reach a threshold of Rs.500.If you fail to reach the threshold, your affiliate balance is carried over to the next month and added to the sales you make then.

Important pages

1. Affiliate login page
Login to your affiliate dashbaord

2. Affiliate transaction page
Check your affiliate balance and transactions. This list will update after complete an order.

3. Set your Payment Information

4.Set tracking code or generate affiliate links

if you have any doubt contact our Affiliate manager -

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